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          In order to implement a fair course of business, ZEUS Exhausts Kft. attaches great importance to the compliance with national and international regulations and basic principles in connection with ethics and human rights. We make an effort to develop and maintain good partnership-based cooperation in our contacts with customers. It is also our goal to establish similar strategic cooperation with our suppliers. 

          We have created our Code of Conduct – which applies to our procurement processes and the general staff employment – to this effect. This is how we would like to raise the fulfilment of the demands of our customers to an even higher level and improve the quality of our products through better value creation. Our suppliers play a key role in the success of our company. This is why it is expected of them as an indispensable condition to behave in a fair and ethical manner, in compliance with the law. It is also expected of them to comply fully with this Code of Conduct. 

          The basic ethical principles of our procurement processes 

          Transparency of procurements:

          ZEUS Exhausts Kft. chooses its supplier partners in a reliable and transparent manner. Our staff members do not only consider the compliance with the obligations which are accepted through the cooperation agreement. They also attach great importance to the observance of human and civic norms when selecting our suppliers. It is considered a basic expectation regarding our employees that they fulfil their duties with the greatest expertise. This is why we consider it important that our suppliers also act by applying the same principles for all practical purposes when it comes to the precise and consequent compliance with our contracts, i.e. from a detailed and timely quotation process to the correct billing. We consider it important that we achieve our successes through the observance of these business and ethics rules. 

          Co-operation, striving after the compliance with the “win-win” principle:

          In addition to the high quality of our products, we attach great importance to customer care on a high level. We would like to have an advantage over our competitors in the market through this service package. Accordingly, it is our goal to build long-term and mutually beneficial co-operation with our suppliers in order to achieve, with respect to both parties, financial and intellectual profit from the success of joint work within the scope of fair business behaviour. 

          Guaranteeing fair and equal chances as well as competitive neutrality:

          Performance and efficiency of our procurement processes are based on fair competition among our suppliers and equal chances. ZEUS Exhausts Kft. pledges itself to comply completely with all applicable regulations related to restriction and freedom of competition as well as fair trade. It is also expected of our suppliers to avoid the conclusion of illegal agreements on the restriction of competition and to distance themselves consistently from every initiative causing distortion of competition. ZEUS Exhausts Kft. abstains from damaging the good reputation of its competitors and every kind of behaviour which may damage or jeopardize their solvency. 

          Handling of information: 

          It is expected of all our employees to handle the company assets responsibly, including handling of confidential information, which may come to their knowledge during their work, with care and responsibility. Our colleagues are under no circumstances allowed to disclose confidential information without being authorized in advance by the executive officer entitled thereto. The competitors of our suppliers are not allowed to obtain knowledge of the quotations, the negotiated prices and other conditions. It is expected of our suppliers too to provide adequately for the protection of information related to their business partners and their intellectual property rights. Our partners are obliged to protect information which may come to their knowledge and use them only after adequately authorized thereto. 

          Avoiding influenceability: 

          At our company, decisions related to procurements are independent of interests, which are connected with objects, or vested interests. We make an effort to avoid corruption, unethical behaviour, influencing and even the appearance of them in all our business decisions! Our staff members have committed themselves not to accept financial or non-financial benefits either directly or indirectly from suppliers and subcontractors which are in contact with our company or would like to establish business relations with us and their representatives or other business partners, respectively. Further, our employees do not provide such benefits to third parties either in their own interest or in the interest of other individuals, either in their own names or on behalf of the company. It is expected of our suppliers to categorically refuse all indictable and unethical influences on decision making of companies and institutions and to take consistent measures at their own companies against any type of corruption. 

          ZEUS Exhausts Kft. establishes and maintains contact only with business partners which act according to the rules of fair play in business. We act in good faith and justly during our activities, comply with the relevant laws of the countries in question and use only means which are allowed by the laws. 

          General rules of employment 

          Respecting human rights and prohibition of child labour 

          ZEUS Exhausts Kft. supports and respects the protection of internationally declared human rights. Accordingly, it is expected of our employees to respect the human rights which are determined in the relevant international treaties, laws, and rules. Respecting human rights also covers a total ban on dealing with employees in a rough and cruel manner. 

          ZEUS Exhausts Kft. condemns child labour as well as every type of exploitation of children and minorities. The company does not apply forced labour, slavery and child labour and does not accept these activities from any of its partners. In our work we make an effort to avert such activities and this applies to our suppliers and subcontractors as well. When we obtain knowledge of child labour (whether at our own premises or at our suppliers and subcontractors) or any other type of work belonging to the category of economic exploitation, we take immediate measures and arrange for a procedure for stopping these activities. 

          Discrimination, harassment, and retaliation 

          We have also set the goal of creating a retaliation-free environment. It is strictly prohibited to apply retaliation against employees who ask for advice in good faith, express their concerns, report on misuse or provide information during any kind of examination. The management of ZEUS Exhausts Kft. takes adequate steps when someone applies – irrespective of his or her scope of activities at the company – retaliation against an employee who reports on a possible misuse truthfully and in good faith. 

          At ZEUS Exhausts Kft., every type of violence, intimidation or harassment is strictly prohibited. All of them are completely unacceptable and it is the responsibility of the management to handle the cases which may emerge adequately. 

          In case of the perception of any type of violent manifestation infringing upon the aforesaid, it is the duty of our employees to counteract and to report the case to the line manager, the director responsible or the designated representative through the information channel to be intended for this purpose.  

          Protection of private life 

          ZEUS Exhausts Kft. respects private life. At the same time, it is expected of our staff members not to behave or carry out activities off the job which are contrary to their duties resulting from their employment at the company. 

          Consequences of infringing upon the Code of Conduct 

          Depending on the circumstances of the case, infringing upon the rules of the Code of Conduct may have consequences under labour, civil or criminal law. 

          Any infringement upon the rules contained in this Code of Conduct is treated by ZEUS Exhausts Kft. as a gross violation of the aforesaid which may result in disciplinary proceedings ending with the termination of the employment relationship and/or termination of the work contract of the employee. Ignorance of the rules which apply at the company and the local laws is no excuse in terms of the consequences of the infringement upon them. 

          Reporting on breach of rules 

          In case of infringement upon the contents of the Code of Conduct or when you are in a decision situation in which you are not sure of an ethical procedure please inform the responsible manager of the company about it. 

          An anonymous announcement will only be dealt with and checked if suspicion of committing a crime exists or a direct risk of life and limb and health threatens or a gross breach of duty is probably justified. 

          ZEUS Exhausts Kft. prohibits and does everything possible to prevent anyone from being discriminated or sanctioned because this individual expressed his or her concerns about infringing upon the Code of Conduct and announced this infringement, respectively. 

          The management of ZEUS Exhausts Kft. has a uniform responsibility for the implementation of the principles and contents of the Code of Conduct. Every employee and contracting party of the company has to be aware of these principles and apply them in their work.  
Nagykanizsa, 4th January, 2022

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