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When assembling pipes, change of direction can be carried out more economically by bending than through assembling by means of moulded bodies. When using moulded bodies for the assembly, the profiles must be manufactured beforehand and they must be commercially available. The error rate is too high when moulded bodies are used for the change of direction of pipes.  The two connecting pipes have to be connected to the moulded body through soldering, welding or with a screw thread. 

When a change in the direction/piping can be carried out by pipe bending, there is a possibility to select the size of the curve according to the local conditions. Connecting pipes with moulded bodies is not needed in this case. In pipe bending, the change in the direction of the pipe – the curve – is made from the homogeneous material of the pipe. 

CNC pipe bending machine model:

AK Bend AB M-384  

Maximum diameter of pipes:

38 mm

Maximum length of pipe:

4000 mm

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